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Group Fitness

At our gym we will be offering group fitness classes in the future.  These classes will be structured so a group of people can enjoy a tough workout together.  It doesn’t matter whether someone is athletic or not, everyone can go at their own pace, while still working out together.


Our classes will contain a variety of circuits where individuals will rotate between them.  The circuits will consist of plyometrics, core exercises, cardio, strength training, banded resistance, and more.  Each month the circuits will be changed in order to continuously challenge our bodies, as well as keep things fresh.  The workouts will already be made, so people can come in and get to work!  Don’t worry, we will be present to teach the movements, as well as help those in need.


*Before being able to work out in the group classes, everyone is required to go through the personal screening process.  This allows us to see if there are any preexisting injuries, mobility problems, balance issues, or etc. Depending on the severity of any issues, they may have to be worked on before someone is able to work out in the group classes.

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